Murderer of King Faisal of Saudi Arabia

Do you know who of the famous rulers was assassinated during an attempt? Caesar, Lincoln, Alexander II… This sequence can be continued by one more man, ruler of Saudi Arabia Faisal ibn Abdul-Aziz. But this time the speech is going to be not about the Faisal, but about his murderer, as you see in title of the post.

33729442203_6bd57ea160_cHe, by the way, was Faisal ibn Abdul-Aziz‘s nephew and his name was Faisal bin Musaid. Faisal came from a noble family of Saudis, and his brother, Abdurrahman ibn Musaid, was even an influential tycoon and president of Al-Hilal, an Arabian football club from Riyadh. One of his brothers was zealous Wahhabi and was assassinated during a protest against the introduction of a television channel. You know, Islam forbids images of living beings. Muslims do not depict either people or animals on the walls of their mosques, instead they usually decorate them with comprehensive ornate patterns. This is the reason for the comrades of our hero’s brother to organize a protest, during which Khalid was killed.

In the United Arab Emirates, citizens have the right to study at any university on the Earth. I do not know what about the people in Saudi Arabia, but the guys of the royal family are also excellent in this respect. The above-mentioned Abdurrahman studied at the Sorbonne, and Khalid managed to study at some colleges in the United States. And while studying, this young fellow was arrested for the distribution of LSD, for which, upon his return from the United States, the Saudi authorities revoked his passport.

Whether because of the passport, or for other reasons, the prince had planned something bad. On a spring day, the Faisal ibn Abdul-Aziz spent majlis. Mejlis is something like a ruler’s communicating with the people. That time the ruler communicated with the Kuwaiti delegation, to which prince joined. Soon the Abdul-Aziz saw his relative among the crowd, he tilted his head so that his prince would kiss his cheek, but those shot his uncle twice in the head. The guard of the ruler bare their swords (these fellows are armed with swords and automatic weapons), and grabbed the scoundrel.

d988d981d8a7d8a9_d8a7d984d985d984d983_d981d98ad8b5d984Initially Faisal was considered to be mad, but having thought about him, fellows decided to execute the prince. On the day of the verdict, the cars with loudspeakers urged the people to come and see the the prince’s execution. After the crowd assembled the prince was beheaded with a only stab of the gilded sword, and then his head was put up for a short time on a wooden stake for everyone to see. Then fellows took the body, the head on the stake, and took it all in the ambulance. Probably to provide first aid.